Jeffrey Marrell

NMLS 32037

I’m a proud Arizona native who grew up in the Phoenix area and later moved to Scottsdale. The majority of my family still resides in Arizona. I attended Brophy High School and the University of Arizona in Tucson, AZ, for college. I have been employed in the financial sector for the better part of 20 years in Arizona, with a background in investments and real estate. I have been in the residential mortgage business for over 13 years now, helping clients facilitate their mortgage needs. Arizona affords me the best place to engage in my main interests, which include fitness, especially hiking on the many amazing trails that can be found in and around the Phoenix area, my dogs who also get to experience the Arizona lifestyle, and of course, my business which is always growing with the incredible appeal that Arizona has for so many people around the country to make this their home. My professional experience is almost exclusively in finance and real estate encompassing over 20 years in Arizona. I worked in the investment business and commercial real estate for most of the ’90s. I have spent the last 13 years originating mortgages for clients looking to obtain a new mortgage to buy a home or refinance their existing mortgage. When dealing with clients, my approach is a comprehensive one, as a mortgage is usually one of the biggest financial undertakings in most people’s lives. I believe it is important to have a keen understanding of my client's goals in buying a new property, their current financial position, and what they want to accomplish financially with a new mortgage. I have found that the key to obtaining this information from a client is to listen to them instead of just speaking to them. I pride myself on making sure my clients will have a keen understanding of what mortgage will best fit their goals when we are done and are completely comfortable throughout the process and with the final result. Price Mortgage has all the tools and resources to put my clients in the best position possible for a new mortgage. The wide array of lending options available for everyone from a first time home buyer to a seasoned investor allows me to help almost everyone I encounter. The best satisfaction I get is seeing an individual or family signing their new mortgage documents at closing and being handed the keys to their new house. This is what makes my profession an enjoyable one. I plan on serving the mortgage needs of my clients in Arizona for many more years to come.

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